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Spare Room to transform into gender neutral nursery. 
Layout, Styling.




There'd been talk of doing up this baby's room for months and ears pricked up with glee as we love a creating a childrens zone.  Clients had decluttered the spare room to get it to the stage where it was almost empty and ready to bring baby home.

We made the suggestion to paint a couple of walls in the mid-grey colour that features elsewhere in the home, as it was gender neutral (sex of baby unknown) and calming whilst creating some contrast. To our delight, we got the go ahead. 
Knowing firsthand how tough pregnancy can be, throw in a toddler alongside your every move...They most certainly deserved an nursery room transformation.

We grabbed the opportunity of the clients being out the next day, and whipped out the paint roller.  When they came home, they came home to this. 

Moral to the story, it's amazing what a coat of paint, some plants and a gorgeous vintage bassinet can do to a room that already has the most divine natural light and Northern orientation. 

Furniture, plants, curtains, blanket and play mat already belonged to the home.  The bassinet sourced by us.

Baby room nursery design
Before photo
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