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Lens' Room


Childs Bedroom
Layout, FFE, Project Management, Styling.




This little boy was in need of more space, more play area, less clutter, nicer energy. The room had gone through MANY different iterations trying to make the teeny tiny 2.9 x 2.9 bedroom with a double bed work.

We dreamed of being able to do a loft, a ‘two story house’ within his room, but it just felt like too big a feat. But we couldn’t stop thinking about it. Late one night after a light bulb moment and a visual came to mind, I hopped onto Revit and discovered that if we demolished the existing wardrobe and moved it to a different wall, it could actually work brilliantly. And we needed to action this ASAP before the magical green velvet grass was laid @fyber_flooring

Fast forward a few months, a budget that blew out twice as much or more, delays of course, due to Covid and freight.  I contracted Lens Dad for the job, who is the most brilliant (retired) carpenter who I knew would do a superb and safe build.

What a magical result. This boy has an entire room of floor space to play, a custom built double bed loft, a custom made rounded shelf bookcase and the most wonderful memories storing away in his beautiful mind of recreating his room.

A brilliant outcome that we couldn’t be happier with. And a very excited boy, of course.

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