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Front Lounge, Master Bedroom, Ensuite, WIR
Layout, FFE, Project Management, Styling.




This project was born out of massive enthusiasm from a divine client we had been working with to give her home a revamp with styling and furniture sourcing. 


The ensuite and WIR was a big job, it would need a redesign, complete gutting, reconfiguring, re-plumbing, new framework and carpentry, new cabinetry and a big tiling job. A big job that wasn't initially planned. 

After a brief discussion of a potential new layout of the space however, walls came down and the original rooms were gutted and ready to receive the 'Lennon House' treatment to suit this retired couple and their lifestyle by meeting practicality requirements as well as a pleasing aesthetic. This happened mid October 2018, with the hope of a before Christmas hand over.

Project Management hat was on and we were miraculously able to source and manage trades to quote, work within the tight schedule, in the proper sequence and have this entire room plus a walk in robe compled before Christmas. 

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