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Fire & Ice Boutique Hotel


Superior Hotel Room

Reception and lobby

Rooftop Bar

Rooftop Pool

Documentation, FF&E

Concept Completed:



A hotel concept that immersed us in entirely.  

This concept was designed to nurture, inspire, excite and calm every ounce of your soul throughout your visit. Raw, textural, colourful, inviting, fun and most of all, grounding. All materials sourced with ethical and sustainable principals at front of mind, this concept is a creative feast to get your eyes and hands on.

Our favourite concept so far and very pleased with our first hotel design; the opportunity to unleash the boldness!

Absolutely incredible artwork by Wollongong local @gittebackhausenart that I’ve reimagined as mural backdrops which brings the concept to life.

Rooftop Bar
Rooftop Bar Documentation
Rooftop Pool
Superior Suite